64CH CMS for Remote Monitoring and Video Playback

AVTECH CMS software, “TRIDENT”, is a powerful system designed for all-scale projects. Global monitoring and control become so easy and efficient with its e-Map configuration and instant event pop-up display.

Video Demo

Below is the 30-day trial version of "TRIDENT Standard". To get the full version, please check with your distributor or installer.

TRIDENT also has a professional version for customized purpose. For details, please check with your distributor.

Feature Overview


Multiple layers of maps could be imported to indicate each camera location and display its status. Users could even define areas and groups for more personalized management, such as live view checking by group.

Health Check

Show the status of each connected device in graphic and monitor all the time in case of any abnormal event occurs, maximizing the efficiency of system maintenance.

Event Pop-up

When an event occurs, the event monitor pops up the channel immediately with live display. 1CH event pop-up at a time is supported. To see event playback with pre-alarm recording, click on the pop-up again.