Superior performance over traditional CCTV or other IP solutions.

AVTECH HDTV solution is consisted of inovative technology to offer instant video notification, easy configuration, high quality video, and quick video playback. You may use Eagle Eyes Plus or our other softwares a management center for remote live viewing and video playback. Recording at the NVR site, but not at the computer ( or cell phone.) site, could keep the video clips away from the potential risk of computer viruses, and ensure the clips won't get lost because of the software or hardware instability of your computer.

The EagleEyes software will fulfill all your remote surveillance desire through simply touch control on the phone screen. No matter where you are and what time it is.

Push Video is an innovative function which sends you "Video", not "Notice". Now available on EagleEyes APP for iOS and Android.

Camcorder. headset, speaker, and private guard, all function in one camera. The simplest all-in-one IP camera.

EaZy Networking Sets IP Settings Free. No more complex internet IP settings for remote access.

The easiest way to HD video surveillance. AVTECH makes you experience IP+HD surveillance in 3 minutes.

Save your hard disk by Smart-Record. On usual occasions, record by D1 image quality; when event occurs, record by 1.3Mega pixels.

Download backup, language editor, quick playback, Easy PTZ control, all in the 36CH CMS software for remote live monitoring and video playback.

AVTECH NVR and Megapixel IP camera solution support 1920*1080 REAL Full HD display service.

Are 2 megapixel images all the same? Crystal Image gives you sharper, clearer, and brightly colored 1080P true HD video.

This smart & efficient infrared lighting solution allows you to optimize IR angle, IR strength, avoid over-exposure, and extend LED life.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) produces clear pictures even under back light environment. Suitable for entrance with a lot of daylight outside and relatively darker indoor places.