SH-24 Mini Printer

Product Desrciption


SH-24 Mini Printer is most suitable to integrate to BF-670/BF-870 access control device thru RS232 interface, that is to help to print the receipt of access logs data for daily user to verify the access time. Also, the printed data/subject of the connected system BF-870 or BF-670 with SH-24 can be changed by requested.

Type: Dot Matrix
Interface: RS-232C
Head: M190
Columns: 24
Speed: 2.5Lines/Sec.
Power: 5V/2A
Dimension: 160 x 106 x 40 mm
Weight: 350 g

SH-24-01: Paper (Width: 57.5 mm)
SH-24-02: Ribbon (ERC09)