Product Desrciption


Comply with Europe safety design, the motors use 24 volt DC, which is the unique design for the safety priority in motor installation and operation.
The appearance of the motor body adopts anti-UV material which has outward retention in resisting any tough environments.
It not evolves residential environments, and the anti-theft clutch design can switch the operation to manual control easily when power failure.

Apply to the higher security, but lower frequency usage of access control. It only needs less space, and requires low maintenance demand with easy installation, which obviously has high cost-effective with good performance.

Max. Gate Weight: 200 kg per leaf
Max. Gate Length: 2.5 meters per leaf
Nominal Thrust: 2000 N
Gear Type: Worm gear
Dimension: 799x98x170mm
Absorbed Power: 60 W
Weight: 3.6 KG